How can I tell if my breast implants are leaking?

I got saline breast implants several years ago but I am afraid that they are starting to look and feel deformed. They aren’t as soft as they once were, and I sometimes get random soreness in both of them. Is this a sign that something is wrong, or that there may be a leak?


F, 41, New York

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It is possible you may have a capsular contracture. Saline implants are water balloons - if they leak, they deflate. An ultrasound may be helpful in addition to physical examination by a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

-- Dr. Sayed

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Hi Shanon. What you are describing sounds as though you may have capsular contracture. This can cause once soft breast implants to become firm, sometimes even hard, can appear mis-shapen, and cause soreness. Fortunately, it is a condition which can be corrected. If your saline breast implants were leaking, you would notice a decrease in size at some point. Sometimes the deflation is fast, or could deflate over weeks. It is usually not painful unless there were some sort of trauma to the breast, such as a fall, hit or bump. It is always best to have a visit with your surgeon who can perform a thorough exam and let you know what is happening. 

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