How can you avoid getting Botox face?

I'm going in for my first Botox treatment a week from Saturday and am really excited about it but don't quite know what to expect. My husband doesn't think I really need it and keeps reminding me about all these celebrities who have had plastic surgery and emerged with that really fake and horrible Botox face that's so prevalent these days. We both agree that's a really gross look and the last thing either of us want for me. Is there any way, outside of foregoing Botox altogether, to make sure this doesn't happen to me? If I got Dysport injections instead would that make a difference?


F, 33, Maryland

Congratulations on taking your first step towards your treatment. Botox and Dysport are both extremely safe treatments if performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. No need to worry about overdoing it like some of the celebrities in Hollywood. Express your desired results and your plastic surgeon will adjust accordingly. Best of Luck!!

The frozen face is not dependent on the product (Botox, Dysport) but rather on what the person's desire was. Some patients like a very natural look and others prefer no movement. Key is to have good communication with your practitioner.