How do I find the best mommy makeover surgeon near me?

Is there a process I should be following to find the best mommy makeover surgeons in my area? I know there are lots of different ways to find doctors online, but how do I really narrow my search and know who is the most qualified and best around? What board certification should I be focused on for someone performing a mommy makeover?


F, 55, Virginia

For board certification, you should be looking for a surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. #doyourhomework 

In addition, I would look for experience, and ask friends for recommendations. Do you know anyone that works in the facility where the doctor operates? 

Call several offices and get a feel for the  doctor and staff. Do you feel comfortable? I personally believe a patient should have more than one consult in order to compare surgical recommendations and how you feel about the office staff and surgeon   

Best of luck in your search. Watch this video on board certification.


Jack Peterson MD

For a mommy makeoever, I recommend find a surgeon who is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  You can look them up on the ABPS website  You should also check their reviews and speak to other patients who have had the procedure with them.  You can find a doctor here on zwivel by clicking the start a consult button.  You will get multiple opinions and recommendations from there.  All doctors are listed by their board certification status.

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