How do I get rid of my extra nipple on my chest?

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How do I get rid of my extra nipple on my chest, submitted image.

I know it sounds weird, but I seem to have an extra nipple in between my two standard nipples. The name calling by my friends has been constant since I was a child and I need to get rid of it. Please tell me the procedure is affordable and will not leave scaring!? I can always finance it I guess but I would prefer not to go into debt to remove a 3rd nipple. If my friends get a hold of that story it will be the end of me in our social group.


M, 33, Kansas

This is a very common occurrence as a developmental "glitch" in the uterus, and very easy to get rid of it if you really have to.  Most of the time it can be done in the office.  Fees will depend on the office where it is done.  IN our clinic the fee is $900-1800, depending on the size.

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A small surgical procedure would take care of the issue.  You will have a scar where the "nipple" was,but people have scars and don't tend to get teased about it.

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You are talking about an accessory nipple.  The only way to remove it is with surgical excision, similar to removing a mole.  Yes, it will leave a small scar, which will fade in time.  It would be a trade-off of a scar for removal of the nipple.  There is no other way to do it and there are no "scarless" methods to remove it.  Virtually any plastic surgeon or dermatologist can do the job under local anesthesia.  It should take no more than 15 minutes.  Good luck!

Accessory nipples are very common in both males and females. These can be removed via surgical excision under local anesthesia. A small scar will be left behind but this is typically preferred by patients over having the nipple remain.

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