How do I get rid of my extra nipple on my chest?

How do I get rid of my extra nipple on my chest, submitted image.

I know it sounds weird, but I seem to have an extra nipple in between my two standard nipples. The name calling by my friends has been constant since I was a child and I need to get rid of it. Please tell me the procedure is affordable and will not leave scaring!? I can always finance it I guess but I would prefer not to go into debt to remove a 3rd nipple. If my friends get a hold of that story it will be the end of me in our social group.


M, 35, Kansas

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Supernumerary nipples are quite common. In the United States, millions of men and women have an extra nipple of some kind. Like typical nipples, the extra nipple forms during the development of the human embryo but often goes unnoticed until later when hormonal changes affect breast tissue.

The fee for removing an extra nipple depends on your geographical location and the experience of the dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The fee depends on how developed the nipple is but generally costs anywhere from $500 to $1,000. If there is significant glandular development underneath the nipple, the costs may be higher.

Supernumerary nipples fall into a number of different categories. Some are extremely small and can easily be mistaken for moles, birthmarks, or even small pimples. Others look like smaller versions of regular nipples. Larger versions may have extra fatty tissue beneath them and, in rare cases, they may actually include glandular tissue like a regular breast.

In the vast majority of patients, extra nipples form along the mammary lines that extend vertically from regular nipples and run down the chest. In some cases, extra nipples can be found elsewhere on the body -- including hands and fingers. These oddly located nipples are referred to as ectopic supernumerary nipples. In one will documented case, a French woman developed a complete third breast on her left thigh.

Cases of complete extra breasts are rare however. In the majority of cases, third nipples don't include glandular breast tissue and are very small. Removal of extra nipples is generally a very simple procedure. Conducted in-office and under local anesthetic, the entire procedure generally takes only a few minutes.

Judging from your photograph, the size of your additional nipple looks quite small and excision should be a simple procedure. I can't give you any specific medical advice without a direct consultation, but if your extra nipple is bothering you I suggest you to meet with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss which options make the most sense for you.

There's no reason to feel self conscious about an extra nipple. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have them.

It's a little hard to see from your attached photograph just how developed your third nipple actually is so I can't give you any specific answers regarding prices. The cost and difficulty of removing an extra nipple depends on the size of the nipple and whether or not there is any breast tissue/glandular development or not.

Extra nipples fall into six general categories, the smallest of which is category six. A category six nipple (also referred to as polythelia) is an extra nipple without an areola surrounding it and no glandular development underneath. Category one or polymastia, is the highest level of classification and is essentially a complete third breast. It has an areola and has breast tissue underneath. In rare cases, a third female breast can even lactate and, in even rarer cases, may develop breast cancer.

I can't say with any certainty which category your extra nipple falls into based on just a photo but, in the vast majority of cases, removal is a quick and easy procedure. Removal of a small extra nipple with no underlying breast tissue or fat would normally cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 to $400. If there is significant breast tissue or fat beneath the nipple, the costs may be higher.

The procedure involves a small incision to excise the nipple and leaves a small scar. A local anesthetic will be used and the procedure is usually painless. The scar should be very minimal and will almost certainly be less conspicuous than your third nipple is now. After about 12 months, the scar should have faded to blend in with the color of the surrounding skin.

Regarding financing, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer some form of financing for procedures. Approval for financing is generally very fast, but given the relative low cost of this procedure it may fall beneath the minimum threshold of some financing programs. When you call to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, you can ask about their financing options.

To address your concerns about your friends finding out: All cosmetic procedures are treated with complete confidentiality.

This is an extremely simple and relatively low cost procedure. If this is something that's been troubling you since childhood I would not hesitate to move forwards with removal.

Extra nipples, which are medically referred to as supernumerary or accessory nipples, are very common. About one out of every 18 people worldwide has one and they're common in both males and females. Extra nipples are commonly located vertically along the "milk lines" that run from the armpit, through our two normal nipples, and then vertically down to the groin.

These extra nipples are sometimes as big as a normal nipple but can be as small as a mole or even a small pimple. Some extra nipples may look like little more than a tuft of extra hair, while others look like miniature breasts and even have their own breast tissue and complete mammary glands attached beneath.


Extra nipples are nothing to be ashamed of and many Hollywood celebrities including Mark Wahlberg, Lily Allen, and Tilda Swinton have openly proclaimed their membership in the Triple Nipple club. We understand that not everyone feels the same way and we maintain strict confidentiality with all of our patients.

Removing an extra nipple is often similar to a simple mole removal. It's generally a quick, painless procedure. While it does inevitably leave a scar, the scar will fade over time to match the color of the surrounding skin. In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the scar should be nearly invisible after fully healing and fading.

The cost of removing additional nipples runs anywhere between $900 and $1,800 depending on the size of the extra nipple and the amount of fat or additional breast tissue underneath.

Having a third nipple isn't usually associated with any underlying medical conditions, so there's normally no urgency or pressing reason to have them removed. If you're interested in having yours removed, I encourage you to contact an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with experience removing extra nipples. 

This is a very common occurrence as a developmental "glitch" in the uterus, and very easy to get rid of it if you really have to.  Most of the time it can be done in the office.  Fees will depend on the office where it is done.  IN our clinic the fee is $900-1800, depending on the size.

Accessory nipples are very common in both males and females. These can be removed via surgical excision under local anesthesia. A small scar will be left behind but this is typically preferred by patients over having the nipple remain.

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Hi Jameess

A small surgical procedure would take care of the issue.  You will have a scar where the "nipple" was,but people have scars and don't tend to get teased about it.

All the best.


You are talking about an accessory nipple.  The only way to remove it is with surgical excision, similar to removing a mole.  Yes, it will leave a small scar, which will fade in time.  It would be a trade-off of a scar for removal of the nipple.  There is no other way to do it and there are no "scarless" methods to remove it.  Virtually any plastic surgeon or dermatologist can do the job under local anesthesia.  It should take no more than 15 minutes.  Good luck!