How do I get rid of my pockmark/icepick dents in my face?

Here's a picture of my skin: 

How do I get rid of my pockmarkicepick dents in my face, submitted image. 

As you can tell, I have multiple pockmarks/icepick-like rolling acne scars. I absolutely hate them and I am willing to spend whatever it costs to help remove them. What's the best combination of treatments to remove these types of scars? I want something that works and do not care what it costs. I am in NYC, so hopefully a doctor on here can help me. Thank you. 


F, 29, New York

In my experience icepick / pockmark dents can be improved with a combination of Fraxel laser treatment and filler injections.  We see NYC patients in our NJ practice often, if you don't mind a little travel we'd be happy to care for you.

I appreciate your concerns — acne scars can certainly be frustrating. The silver lining is that there are a wide range of treatment options that can help remove your acne marks and improve your overall complexion. I highly recommend seeking a formal evaluation from an experienced skin care specialist, who will devise a tailored treatment based on your skin type and unique needs.

Depending on the depth, size, and color of your scars, your dermatologist may recommend a combination of scar removal techniques. A chemical peel, for example, can be used to treat surface scars by removing the outer layer of skin and revealing the healthier skin that lies underneath. Dermatologists tend to use stronger chemical peels than those that can be purchased over the counter. Chemical peels do have their limitations, and probably won’t have much effect on deep acne scars.

For deep scars, your dermatologist may recommend the use of a dermal filler such as Juvederm or Restylane to fill in depressed acne scars. Tissue fillers offer fast results, but you will need to repeat the procedure every few months in order to maintain results.

You could also consider fractional CO2 or erbium laser treatments. This type of laser makes microscopic holes in the deep layers of the skin, which stimulates collagen production in the affected area. Most people start to see improvements after about a week, and many patients only need one scar treatment to achieve their desired outcome.

Many people also experience satisfactory results from using subcision in conjunction with other scar removal treatment methods. Subcision is a minor surgical procedure that involves using a small needle to elevate acne scars.

As you can see, there are many techniques for acne scar removal, and it’s likely that your surgeon will recommend using a combination of modalities in order to get the best results.

I am on the west coast, but I want to help out anyway. I think a combination of CO2 ablative lasers and chemical peels is best for this minor, but difficult issue. Wish you the best!