How do I get rid of redness of my hypertrophic scar (forehead)?

I once had a "underground" zit on my forehead and I let my organism do it's work to get rid of it, without me having to poke it. After 1 year it somehow never faded completely and I noticed a slight raise. So I got impatient and pressed around, I started to heat up a needle and poke through the epidermis. After that, it got infected and the tissue raised a bit over the surface. Now after 2 years it's still read, raised, almost like a hypertrophic scar, a tissue that is really hard when I press on it. The biggest issue is it's appearance, it's always like a big red dot that is glowing on my forehead I would love to know if there is an efficient way to get rid of this redness. Sincerely Dominic


M, 43, Switzerland

It sounds like you have developed a granuloma, which is where the body "walls off" something with scar tissue.  It may be a foreign body, or it may be a resolved infection that has been replaced with scar tissue.  I recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon a dermatologist.  Sometimes a steroid injection will melt it away.  But often times it needs to be excised.

Based on your description it's not clear to me what type of scar you have. Sure, it could be keloid or hypertrophic, but it could also be something else. Without an in-person consultation there’s no way I can offer you any specific recommendations.

Nevertheless, as you say, you've had this scar for two years now with no improvement. The issue was likely aggravated by your attempts at home treatment with a needle. While there's no harm in trying home remedies like cream cleansers, vitamin E oil, natural botanics or microneedling, given your description of the severity of the scar, at this point

I doubt you’ll enjoy much success with these options. It sounds to me like laser treatments or excision are likely required.

Laser ablation using CO2 lasers may be appropriate. Pulsed dye lasers are also quite effective to treat scars in most locations.

Excision and Z-plasty may be an appropriate option depending on the size and location of the affected area.

I encourage you to visit a board-certified (ASPS) dermatologist or plastic surgeon for an in-person examination and the opportunity to discuss which treatment options will be best for your particular case.

Generally speaking hypertrophic scars are the result of collagen build-up at the wound site. Hypertrophic scars look similar to keloid scars and resemble raised, red marks -- but unlike keloid scars hypertrophic scars don't spread and are limited to the area of the original wound.

At our clinic we’ve had excellent results using lasers to get rid of hypertrophic acne, chickenpox and other facial scars. Laser treatment prevents new scar tissue from forming while simultaneously reducing the appearance of old scars. Fractional lasers are excellent for resurfacing the skin and reducing the elevation of scar tissue. Laser treatments are also good for reducing hyperpigmentation and matching the skin tone of the scar tissue to the surrounding skin.

If you have a particularly deep scar, however, it’s unlikely resurfacing will conceal the scar completely. It's also important to select the right type of laser. Some lasers reduce the appearance of scars while others can actually stimulate additional scar tissue growth.

Without a personal consultation I obviously can’t offer you any specific guidance, but from the description it sounds like may have what's called a "granuloma". These occur when the body grows scar tissue around a blemish to separate it from the body during the healing process.

I encourage you to consult with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to explore which options will be most appropriate for your specific case.

Hi Dominic.  I can help you with this.  It will likely require a laser treatment to remove the scar tissue and perhaps a vascular laser to prevent the scar from recurring.  Please let me know if we can help you.  Our office number is 513-985-9885 if you would like to make an appointment to be seen.  The redness and bump should both settle down nicely.  We treat many scars and have all the right tools to be able to help.  Warm regards, Dr. Gupta