How do I treat a painful keloid?

What can I do at home to stop the pain from the keloid on my ear? It's very painful.


M, 35, Louisiana

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For keloids, you can have an injection of steroids or even have the keloid removed by a plastic surgeon.  If it recurs, then you may need to consider having radiation therapy especially if the pain is not tolerable.  Go in for a consultation with a PS who is comfortable taking care of ear keloids and you can learn the specific options for your situation.  Best of luck!

It is rare that a keloid is painful.  Possible causes would be growth of the keloid or infection.  It would be best to see a plastic surgeon to evaluate the situation and to decide the best course of treatment.  Treatment may consist of surgical removal, cortisone injections, antibiotics (if there is infection), etc.  Remember, though, that if the keloid is removed surgically, it may tend to recur.  There is an absolute need for close followup with your surgeon after any surgery to try to prevent recurrence.  Good luck!

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

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