How do you remove ingrown hair on your eye?

I have no clue how this is possible but there is a pimple like bump on my eye. My eye is actually pretty swolen because of it and it is even hard to see. I have tried to "pop" it, hoping that would provide some relief but I don't think my skin is budging. I am starting to think this could be an ingrown hair, but have no clue how I could have gotten it. What should I do?


F, 45, Pennsylvania

Tags:woman age 35-44 upper eyelids pimples ingrown hair

Dear Artemis, There could be several different things going on. It will be important for you to be seen by a specialist and have it carefully examined, before deciding on a treatment. On the eyelid the best doctors to see are occuloplastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, general plastic surgeon who specializes in the face, and a dermatologist!