How does Botox in a bottle work? Results look amazing!

I have a friend that ordered Botox in a bottle online and she showed me this unbelievable serum for undereye puffiness. She has almost no lines since she started using it, and looks much much younger and fresh. Is this a for real?


F, 44, California

Be very very careful ordering any Botox online as this is highly illegal and unregulated.  Botox is a neurotoxin  and scan be highly dangerous if not performed by highly trained physicians or extenders under direct supervision.

No-real Botox is prescription only-throw it away.

Without knowing exactly what is in this product, it is impossible to say. Botox itself is used for frown lines and smile lines, please be sure you always see a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options with him prior to making any decisions on your own.