How does Botox Cosmetic work on wrinkles?

How and where did Botox come from? It seems weird that we would come up with this type of procedure that literally puts chemicals directly into your skin. But, I could be confused on what is going on. I would love to hear some professional opinions about this. Maybe I could be swayed into trying even.


M, 43, Virginia

Botox is Allergan's brand name for botulinum toxin A. It is a toxin made by a certain bacteria, and the effect is to paralyze muscle.  It has since been developed and refined as a pharmaceutical that can safely and effectively be injected into facial muscles to smooth lines and wrinkles that are being caused by contraction of these muscles.  Although very safe to inject, it is extremely important that it be done by a skilled and experienced injector to minimize the risk of any complications such as sagging eyelids or weakened muscles around the lips.