How does a Brazilian butt lift affect your hips?

The reason I’m asking about how a Brazilian butt lift affects your hips is because I have a flat butt but great/wide hips. I don’t want surgery to do anything to my hips, just increase the fullness and shape of my butt.


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Hello TheaLivvy, a BBL is a procedure where your  previously discussed donor areas will be liposuctioned and then grafted into your gluteal area. It doesn't have to include the hips, the surgeon will shape them to enhance them the most.

Please make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Don't forget to discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a safe and pleasant PS Journey! 


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A Brazilian butt lift (or BBL for short) enhances the size and shape of one's butt to better conform to the patient's figure, while providing a more attractive and eye-catching rear end. The procedure is done by fat transfer. Fat cells are liposuctioned from different parts of the body with excess fat -- such as the back, abdomen and thighs -- and transferred to the butt. If done correctly, the fat injected into your butt should also complement your hips.

You should research board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Find those that have a lot of experience in BBL plastic surgery / Brazilian butt lift surgery. Do not, repeat, do not, go to a fly-by-night outfit that offers buttock surgical procedures or butt augmentation discounts along with a coupon or something akin to that. You won't be happy with the final results and it could lead to a higher risk of adverse reactions. You can check the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) website for plastic surgeons in your area who specialize in butt augmentation. Make sure that you and the surgeon are on the same wavelength when it comes to the butt lift results you’re seeking and you should get the results you want.

The short answer is that you should be able to improve the shape of your rear end with a butt lift procedure (Brazilian butt lift or BBL), while avoiding any additional size added to your hips.

The trick is to find a plastic surgeon who is well-versed in this type of cosmetic procedure and can show you a history of successful butt lift patients happy with their results. Go with the provider that makes the most sense to you.

Do your research. Consult with at least three plastic surgeons. Pick the one who has experience with body contouring -- especially this type of cosmetic surgery -- and who you feel most comfortable working with. Ask them the same question you asked in this forum -- how will they ensure that your butt and hips will complement each other. In other words, you want the unwanted fat from your back, love handles, thighs, etc. to go to into your butt and give you a shape that will enhance your overall buttocks.

Have the provider explain the pre- and post-op do's and don'ts. Ask them to explain the type of anesthesia that will be used (most likely local anesthesia) as well as the fat transfer procedure, the recovery time involved, and any swelling or bruising you may encounter. If you've got that under control, assuming you're a good candidate for a BBL and your plastic surgeon is a pro who listens to your concerns, you should be good to go.

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