How does a Low Profile Breast Implant differ from moderate?

Does a low profile breast implant really differ that much from a moderate profile one? I want to have good projection on my boobs but how do I choose? Is there a step-by-step process for how to understand what I am working with? I definitely do not want a super high profile job but hey, maybe I do and I just need to be convinced.


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When you have a consultation for breast implants, your board certified plastic surgeon will take measurements to determine an implant base width that fits your specific measurements. After that, your PS will suggest implant profiles ( low,mid,high,ultra high) that give you the look you desire. The base will be the same but the height (profile) changes.

in general, typical increase is 1cup (low), 1 1/2 c (mid), 2c (high) and 2 1/2c-3c (ultra). I suggest you take in some photos of your desired look so your PS can guide you on outcome 

a low profile will not give good projection

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 Low profile implants do not have nearly as much projection as moderate profile implants.  Cup sizes are not standard across bra makers, and implant sizing is NOT based on height, weight, BMI, or capsize. This is something you will need to do IN PERSON with an experienced surgeon to determine what works well for you, and to get advice about if what you like is possible and what to expect with regards to results. Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons.  bet Wishes.