How to get rid of droopy eyelids?

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How to get rid of droopy eyelids, submitted image.

I'm a bit alarmed at the severe droopiness of my eyelids. I was expecting some kind of drooping (I'm 56 now), but not at this level. Getting old isn't pretty, that's for sure. Ok, so now that I'm in this situation, what are my choices? I'm open to any reasonable suggestion.


F, 57, Tennessee

Dear Katherine,

Your options would include eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with or without a brow lift. To discuss these options and select the best ones for you, consult an oculoplastic or a facial plastic surgeon in your area.


Flora Levin MD

Hi K

Looking at your pic, I would suggest a brow lift and upper eyelid lift.  These two procedures will directly and effectively address your issues.  Specificlaly, your eyebrows are low, flattened and a bit asymmetrical.  The descent of the brows over time helps to create redundant upper eyelid skin.  You also have transverse brow wrinkles, and they will be helped/eliminated.

The upper lid lift will removing remaining excess skin, and clean up the aesthetics to give a fresher more youthful look with more open eys.

If other areas of your face bother you, they can be addressed at any time.

Al the best.