How is Botox brow lift done and how does it work?

How can an injectable lift a droopy eyelid? I thought that couldn't be done without an invasive surgery but it seems that botox is doing a good job with raising the eyebrow. I found out about it while meeting with an old friend who was very enthusiastic about her new procedure. Now, this idea is stuck in my head and I'm starting to think about trying it myself. Can you provide me with some information about it?

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A "chemical browlift" with Botox is possible by thoughtful targeted paralysis of certain muscles surrounding the eyebrow. The eyebrow deals with opposing forces. The forehead muscle pulls it up and the eye-closing muscle pulls it down. If you specifically target the eye closing muscle below where you want the peak of your eyebrow to raise, you've just performed a chemical brow lift. It works! I routinely include it when I do Botox of the upper face.