How is a deviated septum corrected?

If I was diagnosed as having a deviated septum, how would it be fixed? What happens during the procedure? Also, does it require that the patient be anesthetized throughout the surgery? Thank you.


F, 25, Illinois

Thanks for the question.

Septoplasty (the correction of deviated septum) is a procedure done under general anesthesia in most cases. 

It involves removal of some of the warped septal cartilage through incisions on the inside of the nose, and sometimes cross-hatching the cartilage to try to warp it back into a straighter position. Usually the patient wears a splint on the outside for 7-10 days and internal splints/packing for 3-5 days to support the healing process.

We have more info on our rhinoplasty page at our website

-- Dr. Sayed

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