How is the facelift procedure done?

How is the facelift procedure done, submitted image.

Do the doctors drag the skin up and then sew it back? Do they get rid of the fat first? My jowls are dropping more than I consider acceptable so I started researching facelift procedures. I will be grateful for any help you can provide.


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Best is to goggle or YouTube facelifts to get a better understanding of the procedures of face/neck lifting. Also the web sites for ASPS, ASAPS can assist you. Than seek a few in person consultations with boarded Ss in our area. Regards Dr B Miami 

There is not cookie cutter way to perform a facelift. An experienced, board certified plastic surgeon needs to see you in person to determine what technique and procedure would help you achieve your goals based on your individual anatomy. 

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Some surgeons perform facelifts differently. The procedure in general addresses both the skin and soft tissue to a more youthful elevated position. Good Luck! 

There are several different techniques. The technique used depends on your goals, your aging pattern, your overall health, etc. Studies have shown that the results are equivalent when the surgeon uses one of the techniques that they are familiar with. Make certain you surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon and ask them. If there is no dialog with the surgeon get a second opinion. 

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Facelifts are done under general anesthesia or deep sedation. First the skin and fascia are elevated from the underlying muscular structures. The the underlying structures are resuspended in a better position to prevent jowls and sagging skin with sutures. Then the excessive skin is removed. The incisions are typically around the ears into the hairline, and there is a small 1.5 cm incision under the chin. They are hidden very well. 

I hope that helps!! Good luck! 

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