How long after a breast augmentation can sex resume?

Basically what I need to find out is how long will my partner and I have to wait to resume normal sexual activities after I have my breasts augmented. My partner is extremely excited about my having the procedure done but we have a very active sex life and he's concerned about how he'll deal with having to refrain from doing 'everything' we normally do -- especially in light of my 'new additions.' I think if he had an idea of how long the wait would be, he'd feel better. I'd really appreciate some help in this area because I don't know what to tell him.


F, 27, New Jersey

Assuming a normal procedure and postoperative course, you should be able to resume having sex within a week, or less. If the sex involves vigorous manipulation of your breasts- squeezing, pressing, tugging, etc. you will probably not be comfortable with these for up to several weeks. It is not uncommon for the nipple/areolae to be hypersensitive for weeks to months after breast augmentation. Some of my patients state that is was uncomfortable simply to have their clothes rub on their nipples. This nearly always subsides but may take, as I said, weeks to months. You would not like you partner manhandling them during that time. Also realize that one in ten women will experience some degree of diminished sensitivity in their breasts after augmentation. This is permanent and unavoidable. There is no way to predict who will experience this. If your breasts are a significant source of your sexual pleasure, understand that some of this may be lost after surgery. It goes back to something I tell every patient contemplating breast augmentation: you are doing something very unnatural to your natural breasts and this comes with consequences, some of which are unpredictable and/or less than ideal. Bear that in mind when deciding to move forward with this surgery. If your surgeon does not tell you this, they are not informing you fully.