How long after gynecomastia is compression shirt worn?

For how long after the surgery for his gynecomastia will my husband have to wear a compression garment? He will be having his surgery in early June and he's concerned that maybe he should wait until the fall so that his compression shirt won't be so noticeable as it would be if he had to wear it in July. Can you please give us an idea of how long?


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Usually 4-6 weeks is sufficient time to wear a compression shirt after having Gynecomastia surgery.  After that, I advise my patients to wear it only during exercise for the following 4 weeks.  There are compression tank top style shirts available if your husband would like to hide it in the Summer.  It is important to follow your Plastic Surgeons specific instructions after surgery.  I hope this was helpful to you.

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I usually tell my patients to wear a compression shirt for 6 weeks from surgery.  Depending on the postoperative amount of swelling, it could be more or less than that, since everyone heals at a slightly different rate.  Best of luck to your husband!

In my practice, compression for 4-6 weeks works best.  After that, it has little to no effect.  Since this elective surgery, you can have it done when your personal circumstances are best suited for it.

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