How long before I see results from fraxel laser treatments?

My husband and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in 3 months. We are throwing a party and we hired a photographer so as you can imagine I want to look my best. If I get fraxel laser treatments for some wrinkles and dark spots between now and then, will that be enough time to see results?


F, 59, California

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Yes. FRAXEL is a brand of ErbiumYAG laser. It is usually set as a "weak" laser treatment. This lower setting (non-ablative) allows non-physician providers to use the machine. It also allows for a faster recovery. The flip side to that is that the results are not as powerful as a stronger laser treatment. So, you get a faster recovery, but often need multiple treatments to get an optimal, final result. 

You will likely notice improvement after one treatment after about 2-4 weeks, but I would not expect a dramatic change in appearance on photographs. Other treatments for skin quality that you may want to look into are CO2 laser (one time treatment, slightly longer recovery), and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling like Fractora or Morpheus etc. Warm regards! REFINE SURGERY