How Long Do I have to Wear a tummy tuck binder?

How long do I have to wear a tummy tuck binder after the procedure? I have had it on for a day now but I am more comfortable without it. Can I take it off without ruining anything? I do not want to do any unnecessary damage but this binder is killing me.


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A tummy tuck requires the use of some type of compression wear for several weeks post-surgery. I assume the procedure was performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and that they made you aware of the best ways to speed recovery afterward. An abdominal binder is helpful in reducing swelling, providing support, and aiding in the maintenance of the improvements made to your body contour.

Almost all doctors I know encourage the use of a compression garment that can be worn around the clock (except while showering). The amount of time you need to wear an abdominal binder depends on your procedure and ability to heal. Your internal organs and abdominal wall / abdominal muscles need time to reset themselves and settle again during the healing process.

In short, many people find that abdominal binders hold them together and give them an added sense of support. I suggest that you contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible, discuss your concerns, and together determine the best course of action or alternatives / tummy tuck garments that are best for your situation (whether provided by the surgery center or purchased from a store that sells medical supplies).

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The recovery period for this type of surgical procedure varies by individual. I strongly recommend the use of a surgical garment / abdominal binder to improve post-op recuperation and aid the healing process. Most plastic surgeons will advise you to wear some form of compression garments for one to as many as six weeks following tummy tuck surgery depending on your individual situation.

However, if you feel the current garment you’re wearing (whether provided by the plastic surgeon or purchased by you) is too tight and causing discomfort, you should contact your surgeon immediately and express your concern. He or she is familiar with your surgery and will be able to offer the best guidance on your alternatives, such as whether it can be replaced with a different or better fitting garment (e.g., lighter compression).

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Hello Heather, Thanks for post and for your interest in this topic. If your binder is making you too uncomfortable you should call your surgeon and ask him for another size, probably it is too tight. The garment is needed to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks or as your PS adviced.

Good Luck,

Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon

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In my experience most patients will wear the binder we provide for 7-10 days, then switch to SPANX for about 4 weeks.

I usually recommend wearing a postop compression girdle or SPANX for about 4 weeks after a tummy tuck.  This provides support and assists with swelling.  if the binder is too uncomfortable you may benefit from a slightly larger size.