How long does miroblading hairline last?

I hope it's not something that fades away really quick. I don't want to spend money on microblading my hairline every couple of months. Will my hair look weird when the pigment starts fading?


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This is a question we are frequently asked. The answer is that it varies by individual and can be determined by factors such as your location and the size of the area being treated, how long your skin retains the pigment (ink) injected, and your aftercare regimen.

The process of microblading the hairline is similar to eyebrow microblading in that your doctor will work with you to match your natural hair color. We generally see the best results for people who have thinning on their part, temples, and hairline area.

Again, color fading varies by individual. Without touch-up sessions, the results can last a year or longer. For best results, most patients routinely come back every six to nine months for touch-ups.

The results of microblading your hairline can last in excess of a year. Many people return periodically for a touch-up to make sure the color doesn’t fade and scalp coverage is maintained. With proper aftercare and the occasional touch-up session, your color and scalp coverage should remain over the long-term.

Keep in mind that microblading is a semi-permanent solution, not a permanent solution. The pigment (ink) used in microblading will fade over time, unlike a traditional tattoo that uses a permanent pigment. Some people mistakenly refer to microblading as permanent makeup, but it is not.

Prior to your microblading session, the technician will apply a numbing cream to the area being treated to reduce any discomfort. People usually compare the pain to a rubber band snapping on their scalp. The technician uses a handheld tool that tattoos your scalp (deposits ink) to create the look of thicker, real hair.

You'll be given aftercare instructions and told what to avoid (e.g. sun exposure, prolonged exposure to water, etc.) and which medications you can use to help relieve post-procedure pain until you can return to your normal activities.

We are frequently asked about the pros and cons of microblading for hair loss. Microblading is not a cure for excessive hair loss, nor is it a permanent solution like tattooing or hair replacement surgery. Microblading is cosmetic tattooing that uses pigment which eventually fades.

Microblading can give your hair a more natural-looking appearance, especially where there is thinning on your scalp. We see patients for a number of different reasons -- some people have natural thinning of their hair as they age, others have hair loss brought on by tight hairstyles or repeated use of extensions, while others are suffering from a medical condition (e.g., alopecia) that is causing hair loss.

The question of how long microblading lasts usually depends on the individual -- their metabolism, sun exposure, after-care maintenance, How long the results of scalp microblading last varies from person to person due to different factors such as pigment retention, skin type, diet, sun exposure, smoke cigarettes, and whether they come back periodically for maintenance.

etc. Generally, darker colors last longer than lighter colors, which can be more vulnerable to the sun or excessive time spent in swimming pools. The average amount of time before there is significant fading is between 12 and 18 months.

During your initial consultation the technician should make sure you are a good candidate for microblading, as some people are restricted from the procedure based on their medical history and/or the medications they’re taking.