How long until the signs of hair transplant surgery go away?

I think I’m like most people who would like to be discrete about having hair transplant surgery. How much time does it take on average before you can go out in public without there being clear and visible signs of surgery?

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Hi Andrew. There are two types of hair transplant. The first is a traditional hair transplant where an incision is made. This leaves a permanent scar that needs to be covered with hair in the back of your head. So if you like or ever want a short haircut the scar has a potential to show. The second type of hair transplant is more cutting edge. It is called FUE where follicles are extracted individually. After about 4 days to a week the donor site looks pretty much normal. You may want to search for hair transplants on youtube. You will find information on traditional hair transplants as well as FUE. We use NeoGraft and only do FUE because of the scar with traditional hair transplant. Hope that helps!