How long to wait after Pregnancy for Brazilian butt lift?

I am due in about 4 weeks. I am planning a little gift to myself after this child in the form of a Brazilian butt lift. How long should I wait to get the procedure done once my pregnancy is over? My body is obviously going nuts right now with hormones and everything else. I would think that if possible, it is beneficial to let your body reset before going through another major procedure.


F, 35, Texas

In my humble opinion, after thirty years as a plastic surgeon, the simple answer is: forever. I feel the Brazilian butt lift, which is nothing more than stuffing your buttocks with as much of your own fat as possible, is perhaps the worst procedure to come along in the specialty of plastic surgery in my lifetime. It makes such transient, absurd procedures such as thread lifts, laser facelifts, and transumbilical breast augmentation look positively normal and sensible by comparison. It is a highly risky procedure with the highest mortality of any cosmetic surgery, produces results that I find bizarre and horrific looking, and I shudder to think of what these young women will look like when they are in their 40' and 50's and gravity has had time to work on all that skin and fat. Don't do it!

I would wait until you are back to your normal, stable weight.