How long will I need compression garments after lipo?

For how long will I need to wear compression garments after my liposuction procedure? Is there a standard amount of time or is it case by case? Are Spanx considered compression garments?


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We have our patients wear a compression garment 24/7 for a full week then daily only for the next week.   

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I typically place my patients in compression garments for 4 weeks. Day and night for the first week and then day only after. The garment that is provided in my office is typically more supportive than spanx and user friendly as it has zippers. After a week or two my patients may transition into spanx. Also when you first start exercising the support/compression feels good.

I ask my patients to wear compression non-stop for 3 weeks (besides bathing), then on-and-off for three more weeks. Spanx sometimes work pretty well but specialized garments are king.

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