How long will kybella last for on average?

After looking into the procedure online, I'm almost 100% sold. The only thing that people can't seem to agree on is how long the results last for. I don't want to buy in if I'm going to be back at a docs office every other week. The conflicting answers are frustrating, but if there is no good answer, just let me know that its diffreant for everyone. I'd rather hear that than be lied to.


F, 53, California

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The changes from Kybella are permanent. It takes multiple treatments because a single  treatment can only cause a small change. If you need a bigger change in your chin, liposuction with skin tightening is almost always the better option.

Kybella leads to a permanent change. It is acid that when injected causes fat cells to die. The change is therefore permanent as fat cells will not grow back. However, patients usually need to do several rounds of injections to approximate the effect of a neck liposuction procedure. Kybella does not address deep fat but only the more superficial fat overall, which is why it is limited in its effects. I wish you success!