How many ccs are injected during a Brazilian butt lift?

What is the typical amount of ccs injected during a Brazilian butt lift? Is 600cc a lot? Does it just depend on each person, or is there a general rule of thumb that can be used?


F, 33, Kansas

Hi GloryLife.  I typically inject as much fat as I can harvest.  On the low end is 400 cc per side because I think it takes at least that much to make any difference unless the patient is very skinny to start with.  I will inject as much a 1800 cc in someone who has a very large volume and wants to be as big as possible.  I really does depend on the individual and their anatomy and desires.  My typical augmentation is 700-1100 cc if that much fat is available. It may just be my clientele but they want to be as large and shapely as possible.

Dr. Kenneth Stein

Dear GloryLife, in my practice the average volume is 498cc per side, but it varies a lot according to what the patient already has and what she needs. 

Dear GloryLife,

Too many cc's. I have a jaundiced view of this procedure. I think the fad will pass and most

of these young women who are getting huge amounts of fat injected into their buttocks will regret this later in life. Injecting hundreds of cc's of fat at one time flies against logic and physiology. This much fat cannot possibly become vascularized (have blood vessels from the surrounding areas grow into it to allow the fat cells to survive) and so much, if not most of this fat will die. This can cause scarring, oil cysts, and other problems. I think the BBL is a bad idea, period. If this were properly done, small amounts of fat would be injected in multiple procedures over a period of months or years, not massive amounts at one time. Sorry, I am not a fan of this procedure for anyone as it is now promoted and done. 

R. T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

Tavares, FL

In my experience 300-600 cc works well depending on body size and shape.