How many ccs are injected during a Brazilian butt lift?

What is the typical amount of ccs injected during a Brazilian butt lift? Is 600cc a lot? Does it just depend on each person, or is there a general rule of thumb that can be used?


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Dear GloryLife, in my practice the average volume is 498cc per side, but it varies a lot according to what the patient already has and what she needs. 

In my experience 300-600 cc works well depending on body size and shape. 

The average amount of fat that I inject into each buttock cheek is 580 cc.  I have injected >>1000 cc into each buttock cheek on many patients, however, this is my average injection quantity.  Keep in mind that some patients are thin and are not looking to get a gigantic buttocks. The general idea is to create a more feminine profile. This also obviously depends on the amount of fat that you have available for extraction via liposuction. 

The 580cc quantity was based on a retrospective study that I did on 100 consecutive patients 5 years ago, after performing 100 BBL's. You can read the details of that BBL analysis here

Keep in mind that the fat I inject is high density.  In other words, my processing technique involves decanting, and then centrifuging the fat to remove all the impurities and cells that are not viable.  Generally speaking, only about 40% (or less) of the fat that I remove will qualify for re-injection into the buttocks.   Some surgeons do not centrifuge the fat at all, so they are essentially injecting fat that includes viable and non-viable fat cells. When you hear of patients complain that the fat did not last, this is partly because a large % of non-viable fat cells were injected.  The cells that do not survive centrifugation will not survive long term in the buttocks. For this reason , I do not bother injecting this poor quality fat. 

I inject only decanted, centrifuged adipose fat. This is high density fat which will survive long term in the buttocks.

To learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure (aka BBL with lipo 360), I have more explanation here

Good luck and be sure to consult with a surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Only these surgeons will have completed a residency in Plastic Surgery!!

Ricardo L Rodriguez MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, 25 years experience

Baltimore, Maryland 



This is one of the essential questions to ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation for a buttock augmentation. A board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to work with you to achieve a result that’s both pleasing and natural. It can be helpful for patients to examine a wide series of butt lift pictures so they can better visualize their own preferred shape.

The amount of fat transfer needed in a Brazilian butt-lift depends on a few factors, primarily how much fat you have to work with and your body type. 500cc’s per side is considered a good starting point.

If you haven’t enough fat for the procedure your surgeon may advise you to gain weight prior to your surgery to ensure there’s enough tissue for the lipo. It’s also important to realize that not all of the fat grafting will vascularize (develop blood vessels), so it’s preferable to transfer more than is needed for the desired shape.

Dr. Kimberly Henry has 4 "Brazilian butt lift" before & afters:

"Brazilian butt lift" before image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" after image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" before image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" after image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" before image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" after image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" before image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry"Brazilian butt lift" after image performed by Dr. Kimberly Henry

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The BBL is a useful plastic surgery for those looking for a complete transformation of their lower body, but it’s not for everyone. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your specific situation, and might suggest you also consider undergoing a traditional butt augmentation or similar procedure.

For example, should you have sagging skin or more fat in your buttocks than you’d prefer, you might benefit more from traditional butt lift surgery than a Brazilian butt lift. In a traditional butt lift surgery, the loose skin is removed and tightened over the newly contoured butt, whereas the BBL consists of fat injections to achieve fuller buttocks. You also need to have enough fat in other areas, commonly the hips, lower back, and belly, before you can transfer it to your buttocks.

As for how much tissue is required, it depends on your body type, the results you’re seeking, and your anatomy. Typically, the amount of fat required falls within the range of 300cc to 1,600cc. Your surgeon will want to make sure enough fat cells survive the transfer to give you the look you desire.

Dear GloryLife,

Too many cc's. I have a jaundiced view of this procedure. I think the fad will pass and most

of these young women who are getting huge amounts of fat injected into their buttocks will regret this later in life. Injecting hundreds of cc's of fat at one time flies against logic and physiology. This much fat cannot possibly become vascularized (have blood vessels from the surrounding areas grow into it to allow the fat cells to survive) and so much, if not most of this fat will die. This can cause scarring, oil cysts, and other problems. I think the BBL is a bad idea, period. If this were properly done, small amounts of fat would be injected in multiple procedures over a period of months or years, not massive amounts at one time. Sorry, I am not a fan of this procedure for anyone as it is now promoted and done. 

R. T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

Tavares, FL