How much does a Blepharoplasty cost in the US?

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Could you please give me a rough estimate as to how much a blepharoplasty might cost? I'm in the Tri-state area but would be prepared to travel if the savings were great enough. My cousin in Korea had one a few years ago and she looks absolutely amazing now. No lie, she easily looks ten years younger, so unless it's something outrageously priced I'm definitely going to get one myself. She had hers done in Asia, however, so I've nary a clue as to what a blepharoplasty is going cost in NYC or anywhere near me.


F, 45, Connecticut

Eye lid surgery also known as blepharoplasty surgery is a common procedure. It can be done under local sedation or general anesthesia, the choice is yours. The fees vary according to what needs to be done. Upper or lower eyelids alone can range between $2000-$4000. If you have both upper and lower done the range would be $4000-$6500. Recover is usually about 1 - 2 weeks. Scars may remain pink for up to 6 months.

Cost obviously is very difficult to compare. The Zwivel platform allows you to have multipe consultations at the click of a button and our could get a very sense for price comparison. In the tri-state area an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty may cost ~ 8-10K. Good luck!