How much does a fat transfer breast augmentation cost?

What are the benefits of a fat transfer breast augmentation? Is this a more cost effective way to re-shape my breasts?


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Hi Pauulaa,

On average, the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation ends up being a bit more than a traditional breast augmentation.  But you are combining two different procedures (liposuction and breast augmentation) to shape your breasts.

As with implants, fat transfer breast augmentation has benefits and drawbacks. With fat transfer, there are no concerns about ruptures, leaks, rotation, or capsulation, and many women like the idea of using their own fat rather than a foreign object in their body. However, fat necrosis, or death of the fatty tissue, is a known side effect, and physicians can’t predict how much fat will survive the transfer.

You can read more about the procedure here.



Hi pauulaa

That's a difficult question to answer as there are many variables. Such things come into play such as will you use general anesthesia or another method? A lot will depend on the experience of your plastic surgeon, local prices, competition and the like.

At our practice the cost happens to be lower than breast augmentation in general,  but we do not include liposuction as an actual separate procedure. If one wants specific area of  liposuction then we will add that as a separate procedure. This will all depend on size of the individual and amount of fat they have. Some patients augmentation of the breast with their own fat is impossible,  as there is  not  enough fat. Others have a lot fat and require higher cost when they need other areas liposuction.

Its always going to be best to consult a local plastic surgeon to check prices so they can give you a fixed specific quote for you.

In reviewing my last 15 cases of Breast Augmentation with the patients own fat, the total price ranged from $6000 to $ 20,000 ( including many areas of liposuction). We are in Honolulu Hawaii and I am a board certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years exp. Cosmetic ( non plastic surgeons) are usually a lot cheaper.

Best regards

Dr. Michael Pasquale