How much does a fat transfer breast augmentation cost?

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What are the benefits of a fat transfer breast augmentation? Is this a more cost effective way to re-shape my breasts?


F, 29, New Jersey

Hi Pauulaa,

On average, the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation ends up being a bit more than a traditional breast augmentation.  But you are combining two different procedures (liposuction and breast augmentation) to shape your breasts.

As with implants, fat transfer breast augmentation has benefits and drawbacks. With fat transfer, there are no concerns about ruptures, leaks, rotation, or capsulation, and many women like the idea of using their own fat rather than a foreign object in their body. However, fat necrosis, or death of the fatty tissue, is a known side effect, and physicians can’t predict how much fat will survive the transfer.

You can read more about the procedure here.