How much does it cost for stretch mark removal?

I really want to get rid of my stretch marks on both sides of my waist. How much would it cost to do this?

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  • There is no non-invasive way to remove stretch marks completely.
  • The only way to completely remove stretch marks is by surgically removing them, which will leave a scar.
  • While laser treatments are not 100% effective at removing stretch marks, they’re currently the best available option.
  • Laser treatments can successfully reduce the appearance of stretch marks by as much as 50% after multiple treatment sessions.
  • The price of laser stretch mark treatments varies depending on your location, the size and severity of the stretch marks, and the skill and experience of your doctor or skin care specialist. Search Zwivel to find a laser treatment specialist in your area.

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Stretch mark removal can be extremely difficult. There are dozens of treatments which claim to get rid of stretch marks completely but the reality is that no doctor can guarantee this.

A stretch mark, also called a striae, is actually a subsurface tear in the skin's middle layer which causes a scar. 

Given enough time, your stretch marks may naturally fade somewhat, but they won't completely disappear. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched to the tearing point -- as commonly occurs during pregnancy or periods of rapid weight gain.

The only way to completely remove stretch marks is via surgical removal. Whether or not surgical removal is an option depends on the location of the striae and the amount of loose skin you have.

In most places on the body surgical removal of stretch marks is not an option, but there are still treatments which can minimize the contrast of the marks. These include chemical peels, RF frequency treatments, fraxel laser skin treatments, and a regular skin care routine with topical creams containing vitamin A.

We have achieved some great results with both chemical peels and laser treatments. While neither treatment option provides 100% removal, we've had great success improving the appearance of the scars by reducing their visibility.

As far as stretch mark removal costs go, we charge between $700 per session and we usually advise three to five sessions for good results.

First, it's important to set expectations correctly when discussing stretch mark removal: There is currently no available technology which can completely fade stretch marks.

While you may see advertisements for “laser stretch mark removal treatments,” it's important to keep in mind that no laser treatment actually removes stretch marks. The best we can hope for in most cases is to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by about 50% with fractional laser treatment.

The exception to this rule is that stretch marks on the lower abdomen can be completely removed as part of a tummy tuck. During a tummy tuck the surrounding skin is excised completely as part of the procedure.

Laser stretch mark treatment typically costs anywhere from $500 to $1000 per session and I generally recommend at least three treatments for best results. Factors that can affect the cost include your skin type, the visibility of the stretch marks, the color of the marks, and the length of each treatment session.

Annoying stretch marks are a common problem and can be notoriously difficult to treat. My advice is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for a free consultation. Discuss laser treatment and other cosmetic procedures and try to set your expectations towards reduction instead of removal.

Treating stretch marks is a challenging process and requires commitment. Bear in mind that you'll need a series of treatments, not just one single treatment. Even with multiple treatments, the best any doctor can usually do is fade your stretch marks, not remove them completely.

There are two types of lasers used for laser stretch mark treatment. These are ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers like Erbium YAG and CO2 lasers actually remove the upper layer of skin. Non-ablative lasers (like Fraxel), on the other hand, are used to treat the skin beneath the surface. The goal of non-ablative laser treatment is to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin.

There is typically a difference in pricing between ablative laser treatment and non-ablative treatment, with ablative generally being the more expensive option. The cost of laser stretch mark removal can vary broadly depending on your location and the skill and expertise of your specialist.

If you are looking for less expensive treatment options, I advise you to ask your doctor about alternative treatments like peels and microdermabrasion.

You ca't get rid of Stretch marks without a surgical excision which leaves a scar.

But you can improve them around 50% with a series of Fraxel laser treatments.  If the stretch marks are red than IPL treatments can improve them more than 50%.

Ken Oleszek, MD
La Fontaine Aestheitcs
Denver, Colorado


Pearl stretch marks cannot be removed unless the entire area of skin containing them is removed.  Period.

You may want to look into a tummy tuck.