How much does a Voluma treatment cost?

I would like to know how much Voluma costs and if there is a range of prices. Is it possible that there might be a huge discrepancy in cost depending on where the treatment is offered? Or is there a standard?


F, 49, Oregon

With something like Voluma be sure to go to an experienced injector.  Deeper injections that alter the shape of the face and cheek.  Voluma is a great product and can improve the cheek and tear trough tremendously in the correct patient.  You can get an idea of cost by calling offices but it is important to go to an experienced practice not just the lowest price.  


A syringe of Voluma here in our spa is $800. 

Every Saturday we offer a Saturday special of $100 off per syringe! It's an easy way to save a bit on treatment! 

If you are interested we are at: 

B Medical Spa

San Diego


Dr. Green