How much money it would cost to have a male areola reduction?

I've heard it's a lot of money to get this surgery done, and I'm only 18 trying to pay for it as it really affects me. Is there anyway of getting discounts? Thanks.


F, Australia

Some men with large areolas seek just to have them reduced in diameter.  Usually, large areolas coincide with enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) -- it would be highly unusual to see large areolas on a skinny guy.

The best treatment of large areolas is often treatment of the underlying gynecomastia.  During that procedure, the areolas will shrink in diameter naturally, similar to a circle drawn on a blown-up balloon will diminish in size when the air is let out of the balloon.  An operation solely oriented to decreasing the diameter of the areolas will always result in a scar completely around the areola.  And then, over time, the areola tends to stretch out again and the scar itself will widen.  Net result would be not much difference in the areolar diameter but now you have an objectionable scar around the areola as well.

Best to speak to a plastic surgeon with experience in gynecomastia surgery for an assessment of your condition.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City