How much recovery time is needed for an otoplasty?

I'm 2 days post-op and I'm having sleeping problems. My sleeping position is usually on my left side and now I'm forced to stay on my back. Things at work have been hectic since the beginning of the year and I have to be in my best shape to deal with all this. So my question is: how much time does the ear take to heal completely?


F, 39, Florida

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Hi Brightoffee,

Different surgeons have varying protocols, but generally speaking, patients can expect to wear a bandage over their ears for three to five days after surgery. After the dressings come off, patients are generally instructed to wear a headband day and night for one month, and only at night for another month.

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After otoplasty I recommend waiting to sleep on your side for 3-4 weeks. Good Luck!