How much scarring should I expect after a breast lift?

I've seen the post-op photos, the marks look kind of awful. I understand that scars are to be expected since it's a major intervention, but do they last for a long time? To what degree do they fade after a year, for example? I don't expect it to look as if nothing happened but I really hope for much less obvious scars after a reasonable period of time.

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This depends on the person everyone is different with scarring and healing, Hopefully whichever doctor you choose can make the cuts nice and thin. We have many ways to help with the healing process of the scars. 

The scarring is proportional to the amount of lifting you need. The problem in predicting how visible they will be is no 2 people or 2 breasts scar exactly the same way. The best approach is to do the type of lift that is required and then begin a scar control process that should continue until the scars are fully matured. This could include medicated tape, injections, laser etc. You should go over this with your surgeon before you have the surgery. Preventing bad scarring is more effective than treating bad scarring.

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Surgical scars although permanent, are most noticeable after the initial post operative period and gradually fade and resolve after 3 to 12 months after surgery.

Unfortunately, although the scars fade in time they are permanent. The scars you see in photos of before and after are usually when the scars have faded as it is a photo to show the physician's skill.