How much time before CoolSculpting results are noticeable?

Is it typical to notice results right away, or do they take some time? I want CoolSculpting on my stomach and love handles, and it seems like most people are happy with the results, but I’ve read mixed things about how long it takes to actually see results.


F, 34, Utah

We are a certified Coolscupting practice and have found that with the newest CoolSculpting technology, results are usually noticed in about 4 weeks. We have had some patients who see noticeable results after only two weeks, with continued improvement for up to 2-3 months. The newer CoolSculpting technology has made vast improvements. Treatment times are shorter, far less painful, and we feel more effective. Some patients get good result after a single treatment, but we usually recommend two treatments to complete an area. CoolSculpting offers a variety of treatment heads that can successfully debulk the lower abs and lovehandles with great results.

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At our center we have been using the latest non-invasive form of fat reduction- Sculpsure. This is less painful than Coolsculpt and a session lasts only 25 minutes instead of 50 minutes with Coolsculpt. Results are beginning to be noticed after 6 weeks with maximum result seen after 12 weeks. Usually 2 seesions are needed spaced 6 weeks apart to get significant improvement . 

Hi Gingeria:

You can start to see results with CoolSculpting in as few as three weeks.  It will generally keep improving up to three months when you should have your optimal results.

Dr. Ken Stein