How much time is involved for an arm lift recovery?

I am hoping to get an arm lift this fall which means I will need to book time off work as well as from any other responsibilities I hold. How much time I will need to take off just for recovery alone? I'll also have to refrain from using my arms at all to some degree, I would imagine--am I right? I get the feeling that arm lift recovery could take awhile. It won't stop me from doing it, I just need to get the full picture before anything is booked.


F, 58, Connecticut

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Recovery from arm lift surgery generally takes 10-14 days before you can expect to go back to work or school.  You can start exercising after two weeks, but should avoid any arm exercises for 4-6 weeks.  By 3 months postop, you should be able to resume full activity.  Scars take 12-18 months to fully heal.

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