How much will the hair move up after a forehead facelift?

I don't have a big forehead or anything, I'd say fairly average. Maybe on the larger side of average. I guess what I am trying to figure out is if my hairline will move a lot higher from a facelift. I'm starting to need one to manage facial aging. Is this just a problem that could affect men because of balding? I could always wear bangs or something if it was really bad, but I'd rather not. Is this ever a problem for people?


F, 50, Pennsylvania

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Hello and thanks for your question! Depending on what forehead procedure is performed, you hairline may move up, down, or not at all. Basically, the hairline position should not be a concern for you as it can be managed without issue by an experienced facial plastic surgeon.


Once you find the right surgeon and know what treatment is appropriate to address your goals, certainly review any details like hairline position with your surgeon. Warm regards! Refine Surgery

A facelift by itself won't affect your hairline.  But if you are having your forehead lifted along with your facelift, then your hairline can be changed or kept the same depending on the goals.  For people with long foreheads, the procedure can be done so that the forehead is shortened and vice versa for people with short foreheads.  If your forehead is of good proportions and you are only trying to elevate your eyebrows, this can be accomplished too.  The best advice would be to communicate your concerns with your surgeon and then both of you can come up with the proper plan to give you what you want to achieve.  Best of luck!