How often does Chin Implant surgery go wrong?

I’m nervous about having chin implant surgery mostly due to fear of it going wrong in some way. Is it very common/likely for there to be complications with Chin Implant Surgery? What could it look like if the job was botched? 


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Genioplasty is the term used for shaping the chin.  The most common method of chin augmentation is with a silicone implant.  An incision is made either in the mouth, lower buccal sulcus, or just under the chin.  The implant is placed over the mentum or bone.  As with any surgery there can be complications such as numb lib form stretching of the sensory nerve to the lip (mental nerve), implant migration or malposition, trauma to the muscle (witch's chin deformity, or simply a missized or misshapen implant.

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