How old do you need to be for buccal fat removal? Aging after the surgery?

I am a girl and I am 16. I have had really chubby chipmunk cheeks my whole life, no matter how much I diet or exercise. As of right now, I am in really good shape and I am pretty thin, yet I still have huge cheeks. I have been considering buccal fat pad removal, but my only concern is that when I age, I will look even older because of the fat that is missing from my face. However, when I look in the mirror the only thing I can think is how much better I would look if my cheeks were slimmer and more contoured, so I think the risk of aging faster is worth it. My parents are willing to pay for the surgery because they know how much it bothers me. Anyways, I was wondering if I am too young to get the surgery? I know that I am completely done growing. Thanks! 


F, 30, Alabama