How Popular has Botox and Fillers become amongst men?

I am thinking about doing something to feel a bit more youthful.  Are Botox and Fillers popular with male patients?


M, 43, New York

Hello, Thank you for your question.  Botox and Fillers are most definitely becoming more popular with the male population.  Many of my male patients have been referred in by their wives who already have injections in my office.  Some younger clients are referring to the procedure as "brotox".  I am seeing a trend in the amount of men being concerned about aging, and wishing for correction with nonsurgical treatments.  With that being said, Botox and Fillers would absolutely suit your desire to look a bit more youthful.   I hope this information was helpful.

Best wishes, Dr. B. 


Thank you for the question. The answer is a big YES!

More men also want to maintain their youth so they start with Botox and fillers to slow the aging process in the face    

When done right the results can be subtle and natural without the overdone look. 

Seek an experienced professional in your area and start looking like a youthful you!

Best of luck!

Dr. Khuthaila

yes, it even has a name: brotox. 335% more men are getting injections now than 15 years ago.