How soon after after nursing can I get a mommy makeover?

Is there a required amount of time after breast feeding and nursing that a woman needs to wait before getting a mommy makeover? I am 36 and just finished breast feeding my son. My husband also just had a vasectomy so we are not going to have any more children. I am ready to have surgery but I would like to know how long I need to wait before moving forward.


F, 39, Utah

Congrats on starting your next chapter! You should wait 3-6 months for the milk production to stop & your breast shape to settle prior to cosmetic breast surgery. Wait 6-12 months prior to a tummy tuck to reach your goal weight and give your belly enough time to shrink & recover from pregnancy. 

Thank you for your question. If you just finished breast feeding I would recommend that you wait at least 6 month before having your surgery. Your breasts still have some milk and performing operation on the breasts during that time, especially if you are planning to add breast implants, can increase your chance of infection. You want your body to return to its normal state. Good luck with your surgery.


Olga Bachilo, MD