How soon after a breast aug revision is it OK to fly?

I have to go out of town for a revision on my breast augmentation and it involves flying (it's a 5 hour flight). I need to know when I can safely book my return ticket. Just as an example since I haven't confirmed the surgery yet, if I fly on June 1st and have the surgery on the 2nd, when could I confidently book a return flight home? If I thought it would be the same amount of time as with my original surgery, I'd book a flight for about 10 days from the date of the surgery. I don't want to take any chances however so I'd like to hear it from a professional.


F, 48, California

I'm curious - did you ask this question of your surgeon and if so, what was the answer? It's a little challenging to counsel you on how to make your travel arrangements when your surgeon may have very specific policies. Are you returning for the revision to your original surgeon or to someone else? Lots of very qualified board certified plastic surgeons here in California, of course.

For my out-of-town breast patients, I require a minimum of 10 days but prefer 14 or more before they fly out.

-- Dr. Sayed

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