How Visible Are Breast Reduction Incisions?

I want to have breast reduction surgery because my back can no longer support the weight of my breasts. I am concerned about how visible and large my incision will be. I have read that there are three types of incisions a surgeon can use: anchor, lollipop and donut. Which one of the three incision styles is least visible and what's the recommended incision to use?


F, 36, New York

Visible scarring is first and foremost dependent upon your own genetics and ability to scar.  Plastic surgeons are trained to close surgical wounds correctly, and the only thing that can be guaranteed about any scar is that you will have them.  Some patients just scar better than others.  That said, breast reduction scars that are just limited to being around the areola (donut procedure) tend to heal as wider, more noticeable scars, even though the scars are shorter than the other procedures.  This is because all the tension is distributed around this donut closure.  Lollipop and anchor techniques tend to scar better even though the techniques require longer scars.  This is because the tension in the skin is distributed over a longer area.  The difference between the lollipop technique and the anchor technique is more a function of breast shaping than scarring.  Scars for these techniques tend to be similar.

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