How well does Fraxel Laser treatment work?

It's a pricey treatment so I must know if the results justify the cost. How variable are the results?


F, 35, New York

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We have had great satisfaction with our Fraxel system.  We use it mostly to treat either sun damage/sun spots or in a series of treatments to build collagen and treat deeper wrinkles.  The costs ranges from $500-1000 per treatment.  Results are very reliable.  

Fraxel is a type of "fractionated" laser (of which there are many brands).  As distinguished from a full ablative laser which removes an entire film of skin, a fractionated laser works by lasering small dotted areas and leaving the surrounding areas alone.  This allows for less discomfort and faster recovery times.  When used for the right indications, fractionate lasers can give phenomenal results.