How will a Facelift surgery actually Work?

What actually goes into a facelift procedure? How would a face actually be lifted? My concern is that it cannot be healthy long term. I do not want my face to look like a mess 5-10 years after the effects of the procedure wear off. Can anyone explain what actually happens?


F, 55, Tennessee

In my opinion, a facelift is the most comprehensive, natural, long-lasting, and economical way to deal with facial aging. Incisions that are relatively hidden are made around and behind you ear that allow access for the skin and underlying tissues to be addressed. The goal of an elegant facelift is to restore tissues that have descended, deflated, or expanded back to the position of where they were in youth. A key component is to have no tension on the skin as this causes an obvious appearance of a surgical result. When carefully done a facelift will not change the character of your face, but rather make you look like a younger, crisper version of your own self. In my study we found that patients felt 8-10 years younger and gradually you will age naturally from that point on.