I am 59 years old, is that too old for a breast reduction?

I am a 59-year-old woman and I am very active and in fairly good shape. With all the exercising I do I have lost weight and toned my body, at least somewhat, but my breasts are still the same size and very saggy and I really do not like the way they look. I would like to explore the option of having a breast reduction, but I am not sure if 59 years old is considered being too old for the surgery. Can you please shed some light on this?


F, 60, Pennsylvania

Dear maryhall:

59 is a number and not the determinant for elective surgery. There are many more factors such as your medical health and desire to consider. The latest ASAPS and ASPS (Plastic Surgery Society) statistics will indicate a rise in aging "boomer" breast lifts and breast reductions. 

It is most important to consult with a reputable and skilled, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine whether your desires can be met and at what risk. 

Go for it as many of my patient have and are pleased as well. All the best!


59 years young is a wonderful age to consider breast lift or reduction! My average reduction patient is in her mid 40s. As long as you are in decent shape and can tolerate a 2 hour surgery, there is absolutely no reason why your age should be a factor.

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