I am interested in having blepharoplasty and a mini-face lift

I am interested in having blepharoplasty and a mini-face lift. I am in excellent health, I have very fair skin which I have protected from the sun and thus do not have any wrinkles. My muscle tone is good however gravity is taking its toll a bit. What are the steps for having these two procedures?


F, New Hampshire

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Hi.  Thank you for your question.  It is very common to have those procedures done during the same operation.  Any plastic surgeon who is experienced with facial cosmetic surgery can talk to you about your options, so the best thing to do is to go in for an in-person consultation.  Best of luck!

Your first step should be to consult with several board certified plastic surgeons.  Check their credentials and review their before and after photos.  It is absolutely safe and very common to have both procedures done at the same time.

Please check out my website for further information on both procedures:  https://www.plasticsurgeonnewyork.com/eyelid-surgery.php

Good luck!

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City