I have a Cleft Lip, and I'm interested in Lip Augmentation

I was born with cleft lip and palate. I have been lucky to have great surgeons that made me look pretty good. I recently started getting Juvederm from my plastic surgeon. He did a great job on my nose. My issue is I'm not completely happy with my lips. He's very expensive also. I know I have a defect and it will never be perfect but I really hate my lips. I know the scar is what is making things harder. As you can see in the photo the upper left side of my lip is really out of wack.

I'm wondering if there is any doctor out there that specialize in cleft patients. I'm hoping I will find that doctor who can make my lips look beautiful. I'm not opposed to any procedure that would get me to where I want to be. Thanks for your time.


F, 41, Pennsylvania

Tags:woman age 35-44 lips irregular lip shape juvederm

Thank you for the photos and clearly your lip would benefit from revision surgery to correct the defect.  If you have insurance it should be covered.  I am going to Peru at my own expense to operate on patients similar to yourself and certainly there are plastic surgeons in Pennsylvania that will help you

Dr Corbin