I need Shilouette InstaLift and ThermiTight. Which procedure should I do first?

I saw two different doctors.


F, 50, Florida

Tags:age 45-54

Hi there, and great question! If I could make a recommendation, it would be to focus on what changes you would like to make (what bothers you about your facial contours?) and then focus on that, not branded marketing for procedures. For example, there are several good studies that demonstrate that thread lift results rarely last more than a few months but have significant risks associated with the procedure. Additionally, there are many great products that use radiofrequency to help tighten and thicken the skin and contour fat. ThermiTight is simply one of the older brands.


If anything, I would do a radiofrequency treatment first and wait. RF contouring takes several months for the final results. I would not do a thread-lift first since the RF is likely to speed up the loss of effect even more. You may find that you are happy with just the Thermi, or there may be a completely different treatment that's even better at meeting what your goals are.


Warm regards!